Aesthetics - Skincare Services

217 S 1st St, Mt Vernon, WA
217 S 1st St, Mt Vernon, WA

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Soft Waxing Forearms
Soft Waxing Forearms

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Nano-Tech & Micro Treatments
Nano-Tech & Micro Treatments

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217 S 1st St, Mt Vernon, WA
217 S 1st St, Mt Vernon, WA

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This is a comfortable and private room with the feel of Aloha.

CBD Infused Nano-Tech Facial (Non-THC) -

The first ever CBD Infusion for the skin. Using nano-technology and a specific blend of 100MG CBD, plant terpenes to regenerate cell production and calm inflammation in acne prone skin. Great for: Acne/Acne Scarring, Pigmentation, Age Management, Rosacea, Dry Skin. Best time to have this treatment is when you can plan to leave the product on overnight. Note: Parents must be in attendance for our non-THC, CBD Facial. 60 minute session.

AMAZING! CDB Infused Facial

-Single Session 175+tax       -4-Sessions Package - 575+tax


Does your heart hurt seeing your child suffer from acne? Do you have a young adult currently attending middle school or high school with severe acne?  I can help them.

3-Session package for $225  

Lunch Hour Refresher Facial -

Re-kickstart the day during your lunch break and indulge in a refreshing and beneficial mid-day facial. 30 minute session.

Friday Special - 50+tax       Customized Facial - 89+tax


Sugar Paste Hair Removal -

I use SugarLove organic professional sugaring paste for hair removal. Maintenance must be booked every 3-4 weeks.  Arrive freshly showered and exfoliated. Avoid applying oils or lotions.  First time? Arrive with 2-4 weeks of hair growth.

-Eyebrow Sugaring   29+tax  Maintenance  26+tax 
-Bikini Line Sugaring   (40m) 45+tax  Maintenance  38+tax 
-Extended Bikini (inside bikini line) Sugaring   (55m) 54+tax  Maintenance  45+tax 
-Brazilian Sugaring  70+tax  Maintenance  60+tax 
-Belly Trail Sugaring  12+tax 
-Upper Lip Sugaring (20m)  12+tax 
-Chin Sugaring   (20m)  15+tax 
-Full Face Sugaring   60+tax 
-Underarm Sugaring   (40m)  28+tax 
-Arm Sugaring   Half 40+tax   Full 50+tax 
-Leg Sugaring   (1hr) Half 50+tax   (1h45m) Full 80+tax 

Face and Body Painting Services (Professional Makeup) -

For years our company has gone by the name ContoursFx, but as we have expanded it is easier to go by my first name. Brecky's is our change for ease of paperwork mainly.  But for now I will be directing you to my ContoursFx page that is and will be up at least until early next year.

-Visit (ContoursFx) for my party services.