Creating a minor wound as a pathway.

The procedure works with the cells of the skin to remove ink and other toxins associate with the area.

STEP 1: Schedule an in-person consultation with your technician. Here you will learn how the procedure works along with filling out all the appropriate paperwork, measurements and photos of the area to be lightened.

STEP 2: Book a time for the procedure online or with a technician.

STEP 3: The tattoo area is needled with a standard rotary or coil machine; this will start the removal process by breaking up scar tissue and incorporated ink cells.

STEP 4: The needled area is saturated with a serum to stimulate a response within the skin for the removal of ink, foreign matter and scar tissue. This is the pathway.

FINAL STEP: The treated area is cleaned and dried; this ensures the best results in skin healing and to prevent scarring and infection. Treatments can be scheduled 6-8 weeks apart and full tattoo removal requires 4-8 treatments on average per area.

NOTE: We only work an area that is approximately 3 square inch to ensure proper healing. If you are looking for this service and they promise a larger area to per session, please be weary of the technician. Trying to heal a larger area is much more difficult and can cause damage to the skin and even nerve damage if peeling the scab off before it fall of naturally.