Let's get the rates up front then learn why.

We don't always make the right decisions and that is why we are here to help.

Note: We use a variety of solutions depending upon the local or if, in a small chance, there is an allergen reaction. This is very rare to non-existent. The technician will decide what is best for the size, age, and location of the tattoo.

A) Determination. I have to get all of the names of the prescription medication and herbs that your are taking. I will then send just the names of them to the originator of this process for confirmation that non of the meds or herbs could cause problems with my tattoo removal service. This could take a week or so in some cases. If you are not taking medications then we can schedule immediately.


B) Size of tattoo is determined on your first visit. Maximum session size is approximately 3 square inch up to 3 areas on a large tattoo. This is because of the healing process necessary for this service to work effectively.

C) Standard tattoo removal prices will vary depending on how many sessions you purchase. Range is from $110 down to $80. See face tattoos or PMU  below. You will need to purchase the aftercare serum at your 1st session, $25 (A one-time purchase.)

D) Permanent Cosmetics: Eyeliner, upper $250 per session. Eyeliner, lower $300 per session. Eye brow lightening - $125 (Both sides are done during each session.) I do not do lips.

E) Face Tattoos: (only within hairline area, ears & jawline) are $100 a tattoo location. Extra small tattoos combined that fit within 1 inch, may be considered as one tattoo. This is up the the technicians opinion and they have final say. Anything close to the eyes (within 1 inch) the fee is $120. Eyeliner, brows & lips (PMU) are not included in this special rate. 

F) This remover is safe for all areas of the body.



1 Session




Bad brows are gone!
Happy Client!

2 Sessions (just lightened)


3 Sessions (progression)