Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

In-store purchases only.

Tea and Local Artwork

How Our Tea, Art & Tattoo Removal Studio Came To Be


We had the intention of using our studio for all of our face and body painting equipment and supplies, maybe do some tattoos and tattoo removals by word-of-mouth.  But, one day as my daughter and I were walking through downtown Seattle when we happened upon a tea store.  I talked with the owner and got to talking and he mentioned that he sells wholesale and the rest is history. We now have a tattoo removal and aesthetics studio out of half our studio and sell loose leaf tea and beverages out of the other half.


Choose from over 40 teas, green teas, black teas, herbal teas and rooibos teas. They all have been sourced from around the world and are so aromatic.  You will definitely fall in love with our soul warming teas from Brecky's.


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Saving the Earth & Saving You Money!

1. Return our retail bags for refill.  Our retail bags are tough enough to keep your tea air-tight and opaque, and can be refilled lots of times.  Just bring the bag back to the store and we will refill it for you.  Not only will we refill it, we will reward your for refilling it.  When you return a 2 or 4 oz bag for refill we take $0.50 off our regular price.  When you return an 8 oz or 16 oz bag for refill we take a $1.00 off our regular price at the register.

2. Return our tins or anybody else's for refill.  We are neither proud nor prejudiced.  Every tea lover has accumulated tins over the years from lots of different sellers.  Bring 'em on.  We'll put our tea in anybody's tin.  In fact, we love to put our tea on other sellers tins.  We'll also reward you at the register for these refills, too.  A 2 or 4 oz tin, we take $0.50 off our regular priced refills, $1 off an 8 oz or 16 oz tin for refills.

3. Bring your own tins or containers from home for first time purchases.  We will reward you for reducing packaging waste on tea purchase that are not refills.  Bring your favorite tins, cans, or any appropriate container and we will fill it for $0.50 off our regular 2 and 4 oz prices and $1 off any 8 oz or 16 oz purchase.price.​