• Extremely painful (some describe it as hot oil splattering on your skin)

  • Does not remove all colors

  • Not suitable for dark skin

  • High risk for burning or scarring

  • Blast tattoo ink into nano-particles, leaves the body through blood and major organs

  • May take 15 to 20 sessions or failure to remove ink at all

  • Not safe around eyes

  • Can not remove allergic reactions due to tattoo ink

  • Very expensive


  • Low pain (most client score it as 2 to a 4 out of 10)

  • Removes all colors & most ink types

  • Suitable for all skin colors

  • Has low scar risk, can reduce them

  • Removes ink and toxins safely through the surface of the skin

  • May take 4-8 sessions

  • Safely removes ink on eye lids and surrounding area

  • It can remove Ink allergen and calms reaction

  • Affordable


​1) Important: Read all of the information listed on this website.
​2) Click on the link above 2) BOOK CONSULTATION.

​3) I will reply to confirm your appointment date & time.

​4) On arrival you will fill out forms, measure the area to be removed, take photos and then I will assess it all to see if you are able and fit for a tattoo removal.

​5) If it is decided to proceed, you will come back to this site and click on 3) BOOK FIRST SESSION and follow the prompts. A payment in full will be collected for the session. Allow a block of 2 hours for your initial visit.