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Aftercare Instructions

• Immediately following the procedure, it is important to keep the treated area covered with a non-stick sterile bandage. Since you will have an open wound for the first few days, you do not want to be out in public where there is a risk of getting an infection.

• The first 24 hours is critical for the healing and removal process. Before going to bed apply a thin layer of the Repair serum and cover with a plastic film for 15 min, this allows the serum to penetrate more deeply and keeps the cells more pliable, thus allowing more ink to be released. Remove plastic film and cover with a new sterile non-stick bandage.

• To prevent the risk of infection, always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before applying Repair serum and bandage to the treated area.

• A scab will start to form in approximately 2-3 days depending on the size of treated area. Once scab starts to form, only cover if area risk of friction against clothes blankets etc. The scab will naturally fall off in approximately two weeks. It is critical to keep the scab clean and dry, so no water or intense physical activity, which can cause sweating or prolong exposure to water. No prolong exposure to water until the scab falls off naturally (in approximately 2 weeks). Any moisture or wetness can cause:

o The possibility of infection
o The scab to fall off before the new skin underneath has
   had a chance to re-form properly, which can cause scarring
o Less ink removal

• Only apply Repair or Heal serum, no makeup, lotion, ointment or any other topical products to the scab until it has naturally fallen off.

• Do not try to pick at the scab as this can cause scarring and less ink removal.

• If the treated area is below the elbow or knee, elevate for 10 minutes every 2 hours for 3 days.

• After the scab falls off naturally, shield the area from the sun and apply pure zinc oxide or Block. The sun can be very damaging to new skin.

• After the removal process is complete the skin may appear pink for approximately 1-2 years.

• Our aftercare products are highly recommended to help reduce the risk of scarring.

• A scheduled 48 hour follow up appointment is important to ensure wound is healing properly.

• If an infection or adverse reaction occurs at the site of the treated area, contact your technician immediately and seek medical advice if necessary.

• Schedule a 48 wound check appointment after each session.